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Indie Help

This section is for Indies only.Here you will find some top quality connections that will help your carrier .

voice over artist 

The voice  of Indie Rock Radio

For over 35 years now Rob has been one of the top voices in Canada

He is the voice for the just for laughs galla.

You will probably hear his voice on multiple sports ,mainstream radio & television stations across Canada and the US

Steve Thompson


Steve is the Man and the legend.

9 time Grammy award winner

from GNR ,Metalica ,Korn to Blues traveler just to mention a few.

Steve is a big  contributor to  the Indie world and a regular guest on Indie Scene with bling


Dulce is  one of the Top publicist in Canada. she has worked with some top acts.

she is also a regular guest on Indie scene

Clic on the Picture to link to there site

Kenny Lewis


A brilliant Producer out of Boston 

Kenny has produced many genre's of music. He is the man behind Stryper