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Indie Rock Radio 

- Montreal's own Indie and Classic rock station-

Hello John,

Just writing to let you know that I really enjoy listening to your station, the show "The Valley" is a great show to be spiritually uplifted at all times. I love the content as well as the great voice tracks you use to introduce on your show, it helps me to get through the days ahead. I am a music teacher myself so I know how music can heal the troubled soul. So sad to hear of your recent loss of a dear friend but you seem to use the music in your show to help you through these times.The show "Time Well Wasted" is a great way to end off the night on Saturday, Bling really puts a great show together with great songs as well as a classic rock album to end off your Saturday night.


Devron R Roth

Burnaby, BC

Hello John,

Been listening to your show "The Valley" for months now, love the show and content you choose each and every week. Love how you can lift someone up with your song choice, we are all going through hard times but you seem to take us away from that all. Keep up the great work you are doing to help lift others on a weekly basis. You have proven that music can help us through anything if we listen to the songs that you play each and every week.

Love the other shows on the station as well like "Inside The Vault," Women In Rock," Roadhouse Country," "Oldies Matinee" as well as "Time Well Wasted."

I listen to your show through the "Made In Canada" mall which is a great soundtrack when shopping, I will start to listen through your site as it is better that way.

Please do not feel that I favor only a few shows but I am just giving you my input on how I feel.



Hello John & Phil,

Just writing to let you know that I am really pleased with the Shows you run on your station, I have my favorite shows like "The Valley," as well as the new Sunday show Peace/Change The World. These great shows help to lift me up when feeling down, I know that the world is going some hard times but these 2 shows really help people like me to forget about what is going on and focus on the positive things in life.

John could you please put these 2 songs into your next Friday show of "The Valley" if possible:

Carrie Underwood - Victory In Jesus

Mac Powell - River Of Life

Keep up the great work you are doing with "The Valley," also I would like to express my sympathy to you on the loss of your Friend Steve, it was nice to see you honor him on Friday's Show. I know that we sometimes need to use music to soothe the troubled soul, you personally soothe my troubled souls with the great music you play each and every week.

A Loyal Listener,


Windsor, Ontario

Hello John,

Just writing to let you know that I really enjoy your show "The Valley" on Friday and Sunday, I listen to the show both days even though I know that Sunday is just a repeat. The show really helps me to get through my week, some weeks are really hard for me as I am a Daycare Educator so some weeks the children can be a handful for me. I find your show enables me to forget about work, it helps me to focus on the better things in life.

I love listening to the other shows on the station as well, I love how your station ends Saturday Night with the show "Time Well Wasted," what a way to end off a Saturday listening to the classic songs as well as the jokes and puns on the show.

A Loyal Fan,


Dear Admins,

I am writing to inform you that I really enjoy the weekly show called "The Valley," have you thought about maybe running this show more than once or twice a week. I listen to the show every Friday and Sunday night, it helps me to be uplifted in many ways. I am so glad to have found this show as it really makes my friday and sunday more peaceful and enjoyable. With everything we are going through at this time, The Valley takes my mind off of the things going on in the world today. So glad to have found a station that supports the Christian World out there, your host John Blakemore really puts a lot of effort into his shows. I look forward every week to his show, I even tell all my friends about the show. Keep up the great work you are doing.


Doreen Cleveland

Montreal, Quebec

Hello Admins,

Just writing to give you a major thumbs up for your show "The Valley," I have been listening for the past few weeks now. The show lifts me up spiritually, everytime I listen to the show. It is great to see that you also rerun the show on Sundays as it gives me a boost for the upcoming week.


Dan Soulard

Windsor, Ontario

Hello John & Phil,

Just writing to let you know I really enjoy listening to your show "The Valley," kudos to you for putting a great show like this on your internet radio station. I know it is hard to get the spiritual message out there as there are many who do not like Christian Music at all. I will continue to listen to your show each and every week as it lifts me spiritually for the week ahead. I will also take the time to listen to the other shows you air, keep up the great work.


John Knoche III

Levi, Utah

Hello John & Phil,

I have been listening for a while now, ever since I found out about your show "The Valley." I love the show, I love the layout as well, it is nice to hear the content as well as the spotlights that you have every week on your show. I really enjoyed your show yesterday where you paid tribute to Jay Weaver of Big Daddy Weave, they are by far one of my favorite Christian Artists. I tell all my friends about The Valley, I know that they will start to listen as well. It is very hard to find a station that promotes Christian Artists, too many are too scared about ruining their reputation but I find this show very spiritual and uplifting. I hope you will continue to have this show as I intend on being an avid listener each and every week.

Kudos to John for standing up for the Christian Artists out there who just want to be recognized in one way or another. Would it be possible for you to play the following songs by Big Daddy Weave in the upcoming weeks, the songs are "Walking In The Light OF Your Love" and "Sacrifice," thanks for supporting all the artists you play each and every week.



Hello John & Phil,

Was listening to your station for the first time today, Was listening to the show "The Valley." I love the show, it is great to find a Christian Show to listen to these days. I really feel spiritually uplifted with the artists and song selection of the show, you guys have really won over this woman's heart. I will continue to listen every week to this show, I will also check out some of the other shows on the station as well. You have found a fan in me, I was referred to your station by a friend of mine who listens all the time. Kudos to John for not being afraid to do something that he loves, he is not afraid to stand up for what he believes in. It is hard in the world today to make a stand cause everyone judges you on all you do.

Could you please play the song by Carrie Underwood called "Victory Of Jesus," thanks for all you do, never stop doing what you believe in.

A New Loyal Fan,


Hello John,

Congratulations on your show "The Valley," love the show and its content, what a great repertoire you have. I love your weekly selections that you play as well as the spotlights you play each week, I have been listening since the beginning of this year since a friend told me about your show. I can only imagine the work that goes into putting on such a great and uplifting show. You must spend hours putting together such a great playlist, keep it up cause you are doing a excellent job. If only more stations were not afraid to do something they believe in, the world would be such a better place. I listen in weekly from the United Kingdom, I am truly blessed to be able to find a station that plays such uplifting and inspiring music.

If I may could I please request a song by Lauren Daigle called "Remember," this is such a great song by an amazing artist.

Keep up the amazing work you are doing, never give up on something you believe in.


Craig George

United Kingdom

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